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  1. Sep 27,  · Its albums Estranged Memories and Funeral In Narragonia have been praised by webzines and magazines. Sébastyén D. is currently working on the new album. Opium Dream Estate (O.D.E.) is a French.
  2. Jan 17,  · *Note I am not promoting opium use (unless legal in your coutry or by prescibtion). I am simply seeking information from those who have already had experience with opium dreaming. Opium has, through out history, been know for it's dream inducing and altering affects.
  3. Feb 24,  · Today I drank Poppy Tea made from grams of poppy seeds and smoked a couple of bowls of high grade Cannabis, and was thrust into a familiar yet mysterious place, the opium dream. It started soon after lying down in bed, well before I truly went to sleep. First a lone image appeared in the blackness (I believe a red car driving down a dirt road, passing houses and gardens), it had high.
  4. Estranged Memories Opium Dream Estate Anamorphosis Opium Dream Estate about. Seventh Crow Records France. placeholder. 7th Crow Records was a French indie label, specialised in dark music. Founded in , the label closed down in contact / help. Contact Seventh Crow Records.
  5. Estranged Memories by Opium Dream Estate, released 29 October 1. Old Books And The Muse 2. Fire Guided Light 3. A Raven In The Snow 4. Nanda 5. Learning To Fly 6. This Empty Room 7. The Moon 8. Solace 9. Der Finsternis Rainbow Seven Thousand Years Released on Seventh Crow Records - SCR "Un projet à écouter absolument si vous aimez les belles compositions sombres, .
  6. I present a theory of dreams and long term memory structure that proposes that both entities are closely related. It is based on a variation of Freud's dream theory: (1) I re-label Freud's "Unconscious" the “Long Term Memory Structure” (LTMS), (2) I propose that dreams are ever present excitational responses to perturbations of perceptions and thought, during waking life as well as sleep.

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