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  1. album: "Symphonies Of Sickness" () 1. Reek Of Putrefaction 2. Exhume To Consume 3. Excoriating Abdominal Emanation Excrete and disgorge the festering pus Squeeze out the blood, the pus I extract A rancid cocktail, steaming and black Infested skin, bubbles and bursts.
  2. The festering stench of rotting flesh Makes me drool as I consume. Caskets I grate My larder’s a grave I’m sickly obsessed with the badly decomposed Rotten remains I eat Purulent meat What a funeral feast, putrid reek. Weeping tissue is stripped Pus dribbles from my lips Pulverising this pustular chaff Butchering up morgues makes me laugh.
  3. Below is a complete list of records and CDs that Wrench Records Mailorder currently have in stock. If you wish to buy any of the items below, you will .
  4. Cannibal Corpse "Festering In The Crypt": Eyes tied tight forever Mouth wired shut forever Body parts dissever. You will see no more Never.
  5. Charlie kick started Rancid Hell Spawn in '88 with the Festering Pus 7" (charming, eh?) and followed it with a barrage of great, off-kilter singles and 12"s throughout the 90s, culminating in the Scalpel Party retrospective CD in
  6. Rancid Hell Spawn. Profile: Formed - in London, England. Disbanded - Reformed - Noise/punk band which fronted by Charlie Chainsaw, editor of Chainsaw Zine. In , Wrench Records released a retrospective of their work, titled "Scalpel Party". Rancid Hell Spawn: Festering Pus.

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